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Vapbox 300KEMSTREAM has developed Vapbox series, a wide range of high-performing and fast response time direct liquid injection (DLI) vaporizers and evaporators. Vapbox DLI vaporizers feature an innovative and proprietary injection-atomization technology called injection head and an optimized vaporization chamber design. That allows them to perform reliable, accurate and repeatable vaporization of liquid and dissolved solid compounds and precursors. Vapbox generate pure vapors for every application that requires a reactive gas phase that has to be obtained from liquid and solid compounds and precursors. These applications include CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) and ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) processes. Vapbox DLI vaporizers can work from vacuum to atmospheric pressure. They can inject and vaporize either pure liquids or liquids and solids dissolved in a carrier organic solvent or in a mixture of organic solvents. All Vapbox DLI vaporizers use KEMSTREAM innovative and proprietary injection head and optimized heat transfers.  It allows them to provide unmatched performances based on a very fine pulsed atomization of a pulsed liquid flow mixed with a carrier gas prior to injection inside the vaporizer. The pulsed injection of the carrier gas blasts the liquid inside the vaporization chamber as very small droplets. The carrier gas also serves as a heat transfer media and brings very rapidly heat energy from the hot walls of the vaporization chamber to the droplets promoting a flash and contactless vaporization process. A chemically pure vapor is thus generated for the process without undesired decomposition while avoiding to deliver particles and liquid droplets to the process. Because Vapbox direct liquid injection vaporizers can start and stop delivering vapors very quickly, they are almost “vapor-on-demand” systems.

Vapbox vaporizers are particularly adapted to the vaporization of low vapor pressure, thermally sensitive and expensive compounds and precursors. They can vaporize from 0.1g/min up to 20g/min of liquid. Vapbox 1500 and Vapbox 4000 can vaporize more than 15g/min of TEOS (tetraethyl orthosilicate) or other organosilicon having similar molecular weight. Four different models of Vapbox direct liquid injection vaporizers exist with different vaporization chamber volumes. Vapbox 300 features one liquid inlet (one injection head) while Vapbox 1500 and Vapbox 4000 feature respectively two and four liquid inlets (injection heads). This range of Vapbox vaporizers accommodates an exceptionally wide range of compounds and precursors for an ever increasing number of applications. Vapbox DLI vaporizers can be used in association with most advanced liquid flow measurement technologies including very versatile Coriolis-based technology and CMOS thermal sensor technology.

DLI Technology




Compact and low cost DLI vaporizer that can operate up to 250°C. It features one high performance and proprietary Kemstream injection head.



High performance and versatile DLI vaporizer that can operate up to 300°C. It features two proprietary Kemstream injection heads.



High performance and highly versatile DLI vaporizer that can operate up to 250°C. It features four proprietary Kemstream injection heads.