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  • 01/03/2022 > 

    KEMSTREAM joins SEMCO Technologies, part of ECM Group

  • 01/02/2024 > 

    Meet SEMCO Technologies/KEMSTREAM products specialists at Semicon China 2024

  • 24/04/2024 > 

    SEMCO Technologies will exhibit at the ALD/ALE 2024, August 4-7, Helsinki, Finland


KEMSTREAM manufactures innovative and advanced Direct Liquid Injection (DLI) vaporizers and atomizers for CVD, MOCVD, MOVPE, ALD, spray pyrolysis and all gas phase processes and precursors. They deliver pure, accurate, repeatable and stable vapors and aerosols flows.



KEMSTREAM offers consulting services. KEMSTREAM can help customers to select CVD and ALD precursors that match their applications and processes. KEMSTREAM can also perform vaporization tests with newly developed precursors to help customers to find the proper injection and vaporization conditions.


Generation of reactive vapors and aerosols for deposition of numerous inorganic materials, organic polymers and hybrid materials as thin films or nanoobjects such as carbon nanotubes by CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition), spray CVD, spray pyrolysis, ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) and MLD (Molecular Layer Deposition).


Compact and low cost DLI vaporizer that can operate up to 250°C. It features one high performance and proprietary Kemstream injection head.