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KEMSTREAM has developed a high performance digital Injection Control Unit (ICU) for specifically controlling the 2 injectors of the injection head (atomizer) equipping all its Vapbox DLI vaporizers and all its Atokit aerosol generation systems.  The ICU and the injectors’ technology allow delivery of stable and repeatable liquid and carrier gas flows and allows thus delivery of stable and repeatable vapor flows and aerosol flows.

The ICU contains the Injection Electronic Control Board. It is a remote 19” rackable 2U unit. One ICU allows controlling the opening parameters of the injectors of up to two injection heads. A RS485 port is provided for connection to a PC or to a PLC.


KEMSTREAM provides (on an USB key) an English language version of the injection control software (Vapsoft) for the ICU that has to be installed on a PC (Windows XP Pro or Windows Seven Pro or Windows 10 pro). Communication with the ICU via the RS485 port is made through a Modbus communication protocol. If requested, KEMSTREAM will provide “.dll”, Labview “VI” or a Modbus memory map to enable the integration of the ICU into the customer’s PC Labview software or deposition tool’s PLC.