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Vapbox 4000 DLI can be integrated on any CVD and ALD machine. It can vaporize at up to 250°C four liquids or four solutions sequentially or simultaneously under vacuum or at atmospheric pressure.

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VAPBOX 4000 Technical specifications
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  • One to four injection heads
  • Liquid inlet: 1/8” compression type fitting
  • Carrier gas inlet: 1/4" female VCR fitting
  • Vapor outlet: 1/2" male VCR fitting
  • Other fittings are available upon request


  • Six heating zones, up to 250°C, 2600 W (230 VAC or 115 VAC)
  • 6 K type thermocouples: (1 per heating zone)
  • Current needed: 11.3 A (230 VAC) ; 22.6 A (115 VAC)


  • Liquid panel including one to four precursor tanks and a solvent tank (or only one or two precursor tanks)
  • 1 to 4 liquid flow controlling kits with a Liquid Flow Meter (LFM) per kit
  • Carrier gas panel including a carrier gas line with one Mass Flow Meter (MFM) per injection head
  • TCU (Temperature Control Unit): 19” rackable 4U box