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Vapcab is a modular and highly flexible vapor generator and vapor flow control system. Vapor cabinet Vapcab can be interfaced on any CVD machine, close to the machine or remote.

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Vapcab Technical specifications
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  • one or more patented Vapbox direct liquid injection vaporize: 2 Vapbox 500, 2 Vapbox 300, 1 Vapbox 1500 (with 2 injection heads) or 1 Vapbox 4000 (with 3 or 4 injection heads)
  • a carrier gas panel with up to 4 carrier gas lines
  • up to 4 liquid flow control kits
  • a liquid panel with up to 4 precursor tanks and 1 solvent tank
  • a multizone temperature controller
  • a PLC (programmable Logic Controller)
  • an exhausted cabinet enclosing all the components
  • integral hot process and bypass valves for vapor delivery to a bypass line or to the process